Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tacoma Film Festival

My submission for this years Tacoma Film Festival poster design. There was no theme this year, so I thought since The Grand Cinema's logo is of an elephant, I'd play with an old circus poster!  The Tacoma Film Festival celebrates independent films from around the globe. Check it out!
Poster design for 2011 Tacoma Film Festival!

Threadless T-shirt design for the Chicago Children's museum. "PLAY"

A bunch of us made a design on a 4x4 block canvas for our friend Steve Nichols Birthday, and his wife Adelle assembled them into one big art work.  It's such a great idea!

Wedding invitation design

A few illustrations I did for my friends Matt and Mary's wedding.  The invitations were about how they met in a Dick and Jane book style.  Here are just a few!